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1 year ago, on the 28th February 2013
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((I actually didnt attend the TMI Tuesday thingy, since I kinda lack the time to RP at the moment, however since i already got this, i might as well play around XD.
Since it was not defined who “you” is, let me introduce you to my two Journey OCs Bolo and Telatinea. Let Bolo the Babyjelly tell you of his first memory, in which it met Telatinea, a Redcloaked wayfarer with a Mothwings shaped cloak and two scarves :3))

Bolo: Bololololooo~ Aroo! (only people that used the journey chat befor will understand…)

((And ever since then, They explore the depth of the Sunken city together~

Note: These two are also the ones seen on my Mad Cladmonite pic~))

Posted: Thu February 28th, 2013 at 1:04am
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  1. viczar said: What’s TMI? O3O. Ooooh that reminds me of a balloon plant or the hozuki plant in xxxHolic.
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    eep! kess they’re so cute! love the style
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